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The key to be successful in business is to have a clear business strategy and a business plan that help you accomplish your strategy. Our toolkit helps you with both. When you signup, you'll get access to our Toolkit, our system, and unlimited support

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Everything you need to create a successful business plan

Since a well-developed business strategy and plan is the key to business success, we developed our company strategy toolkit to help you create your best business strategy. We give you everything you need to create a successful business plan, based on a strategy that is personalized to your circumstances and your available resources.

Understand Your Market

Get to know your exact customers' needs, wants, and what they are lacking

Identify Your Capabilities

Identify how you will create value for your customers better than your competitors

Select Your Strategy

Get a recommended business strategy based on your target market and your capabilities

Implement and Win

Define your business objectives, KPIs, Targets, and Initiatives to make your strategy successful

How to grow my business?

Growing your business is accomplished by following the same important steps regardless of industry. Our toolkit guides you through each step to:

    • Understand the current state of your business and industry

    • Identify the best business strategy for your business so you can provide the best value for your customers

    • Develop a plan to deliver that value better than your competitors

    Strategy and Planning

    Strategy and planning must go together if you want to be successful. Sun Tzu said it best "Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat"

      • Strategy is a set of decisions based on research and the business' ability to create value for its customers

      • Planning is the process of selecting your daily, weekly, and monthly activities or tactics that will help you achieve your strategy

      • Our toolkit is your strategy planning template to help you achieve business success and business growth

      What is the best strategy for planning?

      There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for planning to grow your business. The best strategy for planning how to grow your business and how to make it successful will vary depending on your specific circumstances. 3 Things are certain. You will need to Evaluate each of the following:

      The Current State of Your Business

      To determine what you can, can't and shouldn't do in terms of a business strategy is influenced by forces affecting the economy, your industry, your competitors and your business

      The Desired State of Your Business

      The results from your current state analysis will help you decide on the best business strategy for your company. You'll select the business strategy that maximizes the value you create for your customers 

      The Action Plan to Make Your Business Successful

      The last thing you need is a plan that supports your business strategy to grow your business and make it successful

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      Business Strategy Toolkit Demo Video

      Check out our explanatory video to see how our Business Strategy Toolkit works, and to understand how it can help you improve your company strategy to achieve your business goals. It will give you an overview of each sheet in the toolkit

      What's Included in Our Toolkit

      Multiple Business Toolkits in One

      Besides the business strategy toolkit, you will get the blue ocean toolkit, the marketing toolkit, the sales toolkit, and the research toolkit.

      All these business toolkits are exactly what you need to help you achieve your business goals and take your business to the next level.


      FlowApp is our system where you gain access to our toolkit and training videos. FlowApp also gives you access to our other tools. Some of which are included with your Company Strategy purchase, and some which are available as an upgrade.

      Some of the other tools you'll see inside FlowApp are:
      - Business Evaluator App or BEA (included)
      - Funnel Simulator App (upgrade available)
      - NeuroFlash AI Copywriting App (included)
      - Volley App Communication (upgrade available)
      - Teams Access (included)
      - ADA Compliance Tool (upgrade available)
      - NeuroDesign Tool (included)

      Mission, Vision and Values

      Our Toolkit will help you create or improve your mission statement, your vision statement, and your company values.

      These are all important components of a successful company strategy. You'll answer some simple questions and use our built-in tools to analyze your answers.

      Within FlowApp, you'll have a chance to use our All these business toolkits are exactly what you need to help you achieve your business goals and take your business to the next level.

      Understand and Define Your Market

      Understand and define is broken down into 3 parts within our Toolkit. The first part helps you define the size of your Target Market. You want to make sure you have room to grow when you scale up.

      The second part helps you define the type of market you are entering. This will be used later in your toolkit to help you select the business strategy that makes the most sense.

      The third part helps you evaluate the level of differentiation that exists among your competitors. You'll be looking at price differentiation, product differentiation, value proposition differentiation, and segment targeting differentiation.

      Research Toolkit

      Our Company Strategy Toolkit provides you with 5 sheets to help you research your industry, the economy, your competition, key influencers, and keep track of your findings in a simple but organized manner.

      These 5 sheets make up our Research Toolkit. They help you Keep all your findings organized and in one place. The Research Toolkit will be of much help to you as you perform your business analysis and develop your company strategy.

      External Analysis

      The external analysis helps you evaluate the forces affecting your company's performance and success.

      To help you create a successful company strategy, you need a way to evaluate forces such as:
      - The level of rivalry among your competitors.
      - The likelihood and ease for others to enter and compete against you.
      - The likelihood your business can be replaced by substitute companies in the mind of your customers.
      - Any emerging trends in consumer preferences that can affect your sales.

      and much more

      Situational Analysis

      These analyses help you evaluate your company's ability to generate value for your customers. Most companies go into business following the old way of thinking:

      "I have a product, let me find customers who will buy it"

      With our Toolkit, we'll help you break away from that, and facilitate the use of your available resources and capabilities, to generate value for your customers. You'll be thinking:

      "I have customers, what can I give them to create more value for them?"

      What Business Strategy to Pursue

      Our Toolkit will help you determine which business strategy makes the most sense given the results from your analyses, and will give you recommendations on how to accomplish your suggested business strategy.

      You'll evaluate the results from all your analysis sheets against one of five proven business level strategies.

      Blue Ocean Strategy

      A blue ocean strategy is a yet unexploited or uncontested market space. It is the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost to open up a new market space and create new demand. It is about creating and capturing uncontested market space, thereby making the competition irrelevant.

      You will use the knowledge you gain from your analyses and evaluations to work on a Blue Ocean strategy for your business to help you accelerate your growth and success.

      Design and Implement Your Strategy

      It is not enough to know what factors affect your business, nor what resources and capabilities do you have available.

      You need to come up with goals that support your new company strategy and are focused on four critical areas: Your organizational capacity, your internal processes, your customers, and your financials.

      Our Toolkit walks you through setting up your goals, mapping your strategy to ensure you have related goals in each of the four critical areas, and defining your KPIs, Targets and Initiatives.

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